Taxcellent Belastingadviseurs values high quality of the advice given for a reasonable fee. My low overhead expenses, years of experience and a proper training make it possible to work for these kind of fees. My organisation distinguishes itself by a personal and a proactive approach working towards result. Taxcellent Belastingadviseurs advises both entrepreneurs and accountancy and tax law firms and can if needed be contacted outside office hours.


Taxcellent OptiThrough its limited liability company OPTI BV, Taxcellent Belastingadviseurs is associated with OPTI Inc in Japan. As a result of, OPTI BV assists a large number of Japanese companies, many of them noted at the stochk exchange, with their EU VAT issues. For these clients OPTI BV arranges VAT registrations in de EU (in the Netherlands with or without a general fiscal representation). For accidental import into the Netherlands it is alo possible to use OPTI BV’s license as limited fiscal representative. Read more about Taxcellent and OPTI.

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Willem Schutte a specialist in the area of VAT. As a result of years of experience at the tax authorities and the Big Four offices, I exactly know what kind of problems you incurr as entrepreneur and tax payer. To me, high quality fiscal service goes without saying and I always will, within the boundries of the law, look for the best solution. Read more about Taxcellent.

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