As Dutch entrepreneur you will have a Dutch VAT identification number. Using this number, a periodic VAT return has to be submitted. However, it is possible that certain transactions do not fall under Dutch VAT, but under a different VAT regime in the EU. For example, when goods are purchased and sold within Germany, one has to register in Germany for VAT purposes including the requirement to submit VAT returns.

Another case is the so-called distance sales or internet sales. Such sales from the Netherlands to private individuals living in another EU member state, might lead, depending on the turn over, to the obligation to pay foreign VAT, submit VAT returns and register.

Taxcellent Belastingadviseurs can arrange these VAT registrations in the EU member states and of course submit the VAT returns on your behalf. A large number of countries I do myself and the rest with the help of local advisors. To keep it simple, in the latter case I will be your intermediary.